Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, at last we have done enough painting and fixing up to get open for the month of October and are finally up and running. As you may know, I've moved the shop twice now in Eureka Springs trying to find the perfect location. The original space on upper Spring street was getting too small and didn't get enough foot traffic, then the Center Street space was still too small and got too much traffic. I never dreamed I could afford the basement of the Wadsworth Building, but the owner was nice enough to recognize that the space was perfect for me, and worked hard to get me in. I wish I had before pictures to contrast these "afters", because you'd never believe the change. It is now brighter, lighter, and much less cavernous. We scraped tin foil off the woodwork and painted the black walls with giant blocks of color. It measures a whopping 2800 sq. feet, giving Rosie and I room for our own sewing areas, fabric storage, office, and more retail display than ever. Over the winter, we will convert the back room into a fitting salon, with two changing rooms and consultation area. It's located on the downtown side of the Post Office, visible from Spring Street, but not quite on the main drag, and best of all, we have not one, but TWO parking spaces reserved for clients 24/7.
Come check it out, this place is amazing!